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It's go time!

Your business is off to a great start

A long-term strategic plan is your next play. This may take some time. And the growth that comes from next-level strategies may break some systems that you worked hard to create.


But when you take the time to develop and execute a solid, competitive strategy it’s possible to make profits that generate an above average return. And it’ll be worth the effort when you start seeing those next level results!

3 Business Strategy Tips

1. Conduct a SWOT analysis.


Before you decide on a new strategy, use the SWOT analysis to assess your organization’s current position. You can only see how far you’ve come if you know where you started! You’ll likely be left with a long list of potential actions. Develop some of your ideas further before you prune and prioritize your list.

2. Outline tactics to achieve goals.


Once you’ve done your SWOT analysis and prioritized your action list, it’s time to outline your tactics. Practically speaking, how will you accomplish your goals?  Many Coaches recommend selecting up to three goals per quarter. Each of those goals could have up to five tactics. Tactics are the specific tasks you’ll need to complete to achieve a goal.

3. Create a plan for allocating resources to achieve the desired outcome.


It’s easy to decide where to allocate resources when you’ve set clear goals. You’ll apply resources to the tactics – those directly tied to your goals. However, if resources are limited, your tactics may be aspirational.


You may need to prioritize your tactics. And apply the available time and money to the tactics with the greatest impact on your goal.

Hello I'm Coach Michelle D.

I’m a business coach who’s helped hundreds of real estate agents and broker and dozens of companies capitalize on opportunities and bring their vision to life!


I am a Multistate Licensed Real Estate, Real Estate Broker for over 20 years and I’ve been a coach for several years . I specialize in assessments and designing strategies to fill the gaps, making your company or team even more productive and profitable.


I can give you the tools you need to succeed with your business. And there’s nothing I love more than fist-bumping my clients when they crush their big goals!

1. Check out my YouTube Channel or Podcast. I sit down with leading business strategists every other week to talk about unlocking your business's true potential. And I’m all about providing you with actionable insights based on your questions and feedback.


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I’ll provide you with a whole bunch of clarity and at least one or two ways to bring your business closer to your vision!


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